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We develop cross-chain bridges in Solana and Ethereum networks, and the work of our experts is of value to the blockchain industry.
Pro Miner has created an intuitive registration process. Go to the sign-up page and create an account, then make a deposit.
No, in ProMiner's internal rules, we do not provide financial services to persons under the age of majority.
No, opening multiple accounts is against the system rules. If opened, they are automatically checked and all accounts are closed.
Our company has many ambitious ideas in development, one of which is an app for automatic monitoring of cross-chain bridge vulnerabilities. We also plan to release our own token in the near future and others features, stay tuned.
The minimum deposit amounts are: Tether - 30 USDT TRC-20
The main deposit is refunded when the plan you bought expires.
 The minimum withdrawal amounts are: $5 USDT TRC-20
Balance withdrawals (deposit income, affiliate, etc.) occur instantly.
Yes, sure. You can make reinvestment via your balance at any time.
No, we don’t charge any hidden withdrawal fees.
Yes, of course. You can find more details with our affiliate program on the homepage.
 Our affiliate program offers referral commissions in the form of a percent of the deposit amount of your referrals deep into six referral lines (lvls) in the amount of 5%-3%-2%-1%-0.5%-0.5%. To participate, you should have an active deposit in any amount which you can release anytime.
Yes, since we have a referral system deep into up to 6 referral levels in the order to avoid of manipulations, we require an active deposit for affiliate.
No, you will receive referral commissions without any limits and fees, but you should have an active deposit.
All payments of affiliate income are instant.
Yes, if you make reinvestment via balance your direct upline will get affiliate commission.
Use support tickets in the dashboard to get technical support or any help.
Yes, sure, we have telegram community for investors, welcome
You need to use the password restoration page, enter your email address there, and you will receive a link to your email. Using the password restoration procedure in e-mail, you will finally enter a new password.
To begin with, wait until a certain number of transaction confirmations pass, usually 1-2. If after a while the deposit was still not created automatically - check how much it came to the address including the commission and if there is less than the minimum deposit, contact support or send the rest amount to the same address.
Thank you support.